Emeric lake Yosemite and High Sierra Camp

Emeric lake is located in Yosemite National Park in California, and your trip there will surely be unforgettable. To see the beauty of the lake and surrounding nature, travelers stay at Vogelsang High Sierra Camp, which is only 2,3 miles away and is one of five campsites located in this area.

But hurry up! Only once a year can you have a chance to get to this place! Intrigued? Read further!

High Sierra Camps reservations

Recently this destination has become so popular that the administration of Yosemite National Park was forced to hold a lottery for those who intend to go hiking in Yosemite highland and stay at The High Sierra Camps. The lottery opens at 7 am PST on October 1 and close on October 31 every year. If you win the opportunity to visit The High Sierra Camps, you will be notified in the middle of December. Camping accommodations are raffled off for next year! So, it would be great if you could plan your trip beforehand.

To submit a lottery request, follow this link https://www.travelyosemite.com/lodging/high-sierra-camps/high-sierra-camp-lottery/

Trips and season

The High Sierra Camps season starts in June and lasts till September.  But be aware that the weather plays here a key role!

There are two options for traveling in this area – Guided and Unguided trips. Before submitting your lottery application, you have to decide how you want to travel, with a guide or by yourself.

Once you have been selected in the Sierra High Camps lottery, the notification will be sent by mail. From now on, you will have 14 days to make the payment.

If you chose Unguided trip, you can start your tour any day! But there are specific dates for Guided tours, each trip is available for 5 or 7 days. One of the biggest advantages of taking an independent trip is that you can stay at each camp for more than 1 night!

Wilderness Permits

You DO NOT need to get Wilderness Permits if you made a tour reservation. All you need is to bring a confirmation for your stay at The Sierra High Camps!

Vogelsang camp

This camp was opened in 1940 for hikers who came here to see Evelyn Lake, Ireland Lake, Boothe Lake, Emeric Lake, and Vogelsang Lake. Keep in mind that Vogelsang camp is the highest among The Sierra High Camps and it is necessary to get used to the altitude before you come here. Staying at least for one night at Tuolumne Meadows Lodge or White Wolf is highly recommended to prevent altitude sickness symptoms.

How to reach Yosemite National Park

There are plenty of options how you can reach us by car, bus, train or plane!

For more specific information, please open this link https://www.travelyosemite.com/discover/getting-here/ and find out the most suitable way for you.

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